Become a Part of CrystalNos

  • Monthly Event's, Automatic Events, Event Raids and Events that you can Start by yourself
  • PvE Based with own Quest Rewards, many Custom Daily Quests
  • Donations won't be a Benefit, You will get Small things but Nothing that give you a Bonus.
  • Lot of Custom Stuff like Wings, Items and many More

Choose Your Path

  • Master the elements as a Swordsman, Archer, Mage or Martial Artist
  • Play one of 32 fantastic specialist classes
  • Enjoy exciting Late Game content
  • Tame pets and dive into battle with them

Your Heroic Saga Starts Today!

On your journey through the world of CrystalNos, you'll feel how the once idyllic continents have changed. An ominous shadow looms large over every town and creature in these lands. Take up your weapon, battle your way through countless challenging missions, and rescue the people from this evil!

Level Ranking

Name Level Job Level Class
BlackLotus 99 80 Mage
Shiki 99 80 Swordsman
Kanaka 99 80 Archer
TaNosS 99 80 Mage
Maxmauer 99 80 Archer
TopLyfe 99 80 Swordsman
AseSinaX1 99 80 Archer
Sayuri 99 80 Archer
Khaleesi 99 80 Mage
Vida 99 80 Swordsman

Reputation Ranking

Name Reputation Level Class
Maxmauer 10019825 99 Archer
BlackLotus 6411958 99 Mage
Shiki 3527987 99 Swordsman
Vida 3175437 99 Swordsman
AseSinaX1 2714965 99 Archer
Megumin 2527337 99 Mage
Sayuri 2519788 99 Archer
Akira 2201696 98 Mage
iCataus 2076460 91 Archer
Godly 1919235 92 Mage

Become a Legend of CrystalNos

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